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Beaver Ponds Trail #105
An access trail to the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail

The Beaver Ponds Trail has long been a local favorite for mountain bikers and hikers in the Butte area.  The top portion of this trail was an abandoned USFS cross-country ski trail; the other half (lower Beaver Ponds) was forged by local enthusiasts more than 12 years ago.  Today this piece of trail is heavily used and insufficiently maintained.  As we learned at the Montana Trails Conference, many sections of this trail cannot be sustainably maintained. 

The USFS has proposed completing the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail through the Butte Ranger District.  Along with the construction of this trail is the proposed incorporation of two "access" trails, the Beaver Ponds Trail and the Maude S trail.  Under the USFS, these trails are now eligible for grants, official maintenance, and best of all, will be sustainable.  During the Montana Trails Conference the IMBA Trail Care Crew, Jocelyn Dodge of the Butte Ranger District of the USFS, and members of the Highlands Cycling Club scouted potential reroutes for the Beaver Pond Trail.

Bever Pond Trail #105 Map